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    We the Mi’kmaq of Metepenagiag have lived in this place since time immemorial.

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    Explore our ancient world

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    Metepenagiag Heritage Park is a state of the art facility offering you a truly authentic aboriginal experience

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    Our state of the art facility showcases our 3,000-year-old history as the oldest continuously inhabited community in New Brunswick.

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Pjila’si... Welcome to Metepenagiag our ancestral home where our people have lived continuously for over 3,000 years.

Metepenagiag Heritage Park is a state of the art facility in the heart of our enduring community that tells our story, the Mi’kmaq of Metepenagiag.

There is much to discover at Metepenagiag Heritage Park. Experience our Mi’kmaq culture that has existed here for over 30 centuries. Share our music and listen to our oral history as handed down to us through generations by our Mi’kmaq Elders, who have greeted all visitors on our shores. Walk our trails in the footsteps of ancestors overlooking the river that has sustained us since time immemorial.

View the archeological finds of our ancient village and understand the significance and traditions presented from the Augustine Mound and Oxbow National Historic Sites.

Time-honored traditions await you at Metepenagiag…Where spirits live!

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