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Archive for May 2018

Metepenagiag Annual Powwow

Passed down by our ancestors through generations of elders, we continue to honor many of our ancestral traditions and incorporate them into our modern day Mi’kmaq lifestyle. Metepenagiag Heritage Park, in our role to “preserve, protect and present” will continue to provide workshops and experiences that educate and generate an understanding about our ancient culture…

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Village of Thirty Centuries

Metepenagiag is an ancient place, and we the Mi’kmaq at Metepenagiag are an ancient people. Patricia Allen, in her book Metepenagaig- New Brunswick’s Oldest Village presents the discovery of the Oxbow National Historic Site, as “the largest and deepest prehistoric village ever found in the Maritimes…” presenting undisturbed layers of Mi’kmaq artifacts and rendering proof…

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