Passed down by our ancestors through generations of elders, we continue to honor many of our ancestral traditions and incorporate them into our modern day Mi’kmaq lifestyle.

Metepenagiag Heritage Park, in our role to “preserve, protect and present” will continue to provide workshops and experiences that educate and generate an understanding about our ancient culture and traditions. All are welcome to participate.

Metepenagiag Heritage Park overviews the Pow Wow grounds where drumming circles and dancing with regalia signal the special celebration welcoming all to our community – Metepenagiag’s Annual Powwow.

Circle your calendar for the last weekend of June every year. Spend a day touring the Park and being part of our community celebration! Experience first hand the Mi’kmq culture at Metepenagaiag. Ours to share- yours to enjoy!

Like our ancestors before us, we take pride in welcoming you to experience Mi’kmaq culture.

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