In our community, right next door to the Metepenagiag Heritage Park is Metepenagiag Outdoor Adventure Lodge featuring comfortable accommodations, 30 seat conference center and first class hospitality in a unique wilderness setting.

Metepenagiag First Nation is an aboriginal Mi’kmaq community and our past knowledge and history with wildlife, salmon fishing and canoeing can be combined as an ideal location for your next small conference, business meeting or vacation!

In partnership with Metepenagiag Outdoor Adventure Lodge you are sure to enjoy your time with us at Metepenagiag Heritage Park. We offer our guests an opportunity to mix both business with pleasure during your meetings or conference and enjoy meals with an aboriginal influence.

Whenever you are ready to plan you meetings or visit at Metepenagiag Heritage Park we invite you to book your accommodations at Metepenagiag Outdoor Adventure Lodge. “It’s where hospitality was invented!”

metepenagiag lodge

Book with us today for your memorable journey into our past. Make reservations and inquire about rates and requirements for your group. Reservations are accepted in the off-season. Ask for details.

Like our ancestors before us, we take pride in welcoming you to share our timeless traditions!