our story


We the Mi’kmaq of Metepenagiag have lived in this place since time immemorial. We have always known this. It has been handed down to us through generations of oral history. Our people have lived on this land, a vibrant and spiritual life, and inseparable from Mother Earth.

We have fished and hunted, built vessels for transportation, traded to the far reaches of the earth, spoke our language, raised children, buried our dead and celebrated the new seasons with reverence and respect. We are a communal people – self sufficient, steady, proud. Through all adversity of time, we have endured.

Natives by miramichi river

It was in the 1970’s when a company wishing to expand it’s gravel pit in our community, that our beloved and respected Elder Joe Augustine went to the site he had been told about by his Elders before him and finds what is to become the Augustine Mound- a cemetery dating back to over 600 BC. The concept of preserving, protecting and presenting the rich Mi’kmaq culture is expressed by our Elder.

In 1977 work begins on another site founded by Elder Joe Augustine- the Oxbow, a deeply stratified village site called Metepenagiag; situated at the head tide with over 3,000 years of continuous settlements right to the present day.

The findings of this two archeological site scientifically prove the ancient oral history we have always known.

This is our legacy.

Metepenagiag Heritage Park…where spirits live!